Birmingham Business Provides Opportunity for Students to Explore Entrepreneurship

Nov 22, 2021

Main Birmingham Business Provides Opportunity Sutdents Explore Ent

Birmingham, AL.- Tanesha Sims-Summers, the owner of Naughty but Nice Kettle Corn Co. (NBNKC), has a passion for all things entrepreneurship. NBNKC, in operation since 2014, has been intentional in creating a pathway for students to explore alternative career opportunities, specifically in entrepreneurship.

“When I initially heard of the opportunity to serve as an apprentice employer, I was immediately intrigued,” said Mrs. Sims-Summers. “It’s extremely rare for students to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career path and I want to expose students to that career opportunity.”

The Birmingham Promise is designed to foster career exploration for students and help employers build high quality talent pipelines.

“We’re all about working with apprentices to provide them a perspective on the impact small businesses have on communities,” said Mrs. Sims-Summers. “Not only do small businesses provide services to communities, but we are the very foundation of critical change in communities and it’s important for students to understand social responsibility.”

This will be Naughty but Nice Kettle Corn Company’s third year partnering as an apprenticeship site.

“This is an opportunity for the business community to provide opportunities that develop Birmingham’s future workforce,” said Rachel Harmon, Executive Director of Birmingham Promise. “In order for Birmingham’s economy to thrive, young people must have the opportunity to participate and build the relevant skills needed to succeed.”

Through its apprenticeship program the Birmingham Promise provides options for students beyond the classroom. The program offers students another resource for identifying strong career pathways and since its inception in 2020, the Birmingham Promise apprenticeship program has placed over 150 students with over 80 employers throughout the city.

“The more companies in Birmingham provide career experiences to students, the more students will have the ability to discern what career path they will likely navigate,” said Mrs. Sims-Summers. “Together, large and small businesses can change the trajectory of Birmingham’s economy and workforce.”

Employers will be able to establish a sustainable, local talent pipeline to recruit and train for open positions within their company currently or in the future.

The Birmingham Promise is gearing up for the next phase of the apprenticeship program and is still inviting employers to partner with the program.

“This is an excellent opportunity for small businesses to recruit and develop high quality talent in their communities,” said Mrs. Sims-Summers. “If you’re looking for innovative perspectives and fresh ideas, then you should partner with Birmingham Promise’s apprenticeship program.”

Through the Birmingham Promise, employers will actively invest in the lives of Birmingham City School Students and Birmingham’s next generation of talent to build a stronger economy.

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