Community Organization Partners with Apprenticeship Program to Build Strong Career Pathways

Nov 5, 2021

Main Community Org Partners Apprentice

Community support is paramount for students to be successful in life, especially from the cradle to the point of self sufficiency. The Woodlawn Foundation is a community organization that serves as a catalyst and facilitator for the transformation and revitalization of the Woodlawn Community. In order for the community to thrive, the foundation is being intentional in creating opportunities for residents to thrive in every facet of life, including supporting Birmingham Promise’s apprenticeship program.

Through the apprenticeship program the Birmingham Promise provides options for students beyond the classroom. The program offers students another resource for identifying strong career pathways and since its inception in 2020, the Birmingham Promise apprenticeship program has placed over 150 students with over 80 employers throughout the city.

“We want to give students in Birmingham City Schools an opportunity to engage in the non-profit environment and understand all of the complexities that make up community engagement,” said David Liddell, Director of Strategic Partnerships at the Woodlawn Foundation. “With this opportunity, we’ll be equipping apprentices with the skills necessary to be successful in the workforce”.

David, alongside his colleague Jason Meadows who serves as the Director of Community Engagement at the Woodlawn Foundation, will strive to foster an environment around career exploration for the apprentices.

“We are dedicated to provide a pathway to a quality job for every student that walks across their high school graduation stage,” said Rachel Harmon, Executive Director of Birmingham Promise. “The more access young people have to building relevant skills and acquiring valuable credentials, the better off Birmingham’s economy will be equipped to thrive in the years to come.

The Birmingham Promise is gearing up for the next phase of the apprenticeship program and is still inviting employers to partner with the program.

“For employers considering participating in the program, please realize that there’s a robust ecosystem in place for apprentices to succeed,” said Liddell. “By offering this career experience through the program, your organization will be responsible for shaping the future of Birmingham’s workforce by providing students hands-on experience to enhance their technical and functional skills.

Through the Birmingham Promise, employers will be actively investing in the lives of Birmingham City School Students and building Birmingham’s next generation of talent to build a stronger economy.

“Seeing the inequities that our young people are facing today in Birmingham’s economy, it’s incumbent upon our business community to participate in the charge for a more inclusive economy in Birmingham,” said Meadows. “I believe that this program will go far at disrupting inequities and provide pathways for success for students in our communities.”

The more opportunities young people have to build relevant skills and gain valuable credentials, the more Birmingham’s economy will thrive.

The Birmingham Promise is designed to create those opportunities.

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