Inspired to Create Pathways to Success for Birmingham Students

Oct 15, 2021

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Inspired by a passion to leave the world in a better place, Darrell Forte has taken on the challenge to ensure students in Birmingham City Schools have every resource needed to thrive in their educational journey.

Darrell is currently serving as a success coach with The Birmingham Promise.

“Success Coaches are an integral component of our organization,” Forte said. “We can be seen as the conduit that ensures a better future is both affordable and attainable, for all Birmingham City Schools students, through scholarships to Alabama Colleges and apprenticeship programs at local companies.”

The Birmingham Promise is a 501(c)(3) organization, which receives public and private funding to help students discover and achieve their dreams. The Birmingham Promise scholarship can be used to help pay tuition and mandatory fees at any public two or four-year college in Alabama. The apprenticeship program provides pathways for students to identify and pursue career opportunities with local companies.

Success coaches make sure students identify pathways to succeed in their collegiate journey. That can range from helping students create their resumes to providing professional development to imparting every day advice about life.

“Recently a student reached out to me to express a few challenges they had encountered while making the transition from high school to college,” said Forte. “Through the course of our conversation, I was able to connect with the student based on similar experiences and able to connect them with additional resources to help them navigate and overcome the obstacles.”

Thanks to the success coach program, the student is now prospering in their second year of college.

“To the class of 2022 and beyond, take advantage of the Promise because it is absolutely free and your life will be tremendously enriched by being a part of The Birmingham Promise,” Forte stated. “By participating in the program you’ll gain an entire ecosystem of people dedicated to seeing you win and grow in life.”

Birmingham Promise Success Coaches are willing and available to assist students in becoming the best version of themselves and are available to all Birmingham Promise students.

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