The Birmingham Promise is committed to the success of the whole student

Jul 20, 2021

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Jasmine Conner, Birmingham Promise Success Coach

The success of the Birmingham Promise is rooted in providing opportunities for Birmingham City School students to excel in life, in part through last-dollar scholarships that provide tuition assistance for students to attend any in-state public institution of higher learning.

But the commitment to students’ success goes beyond providing scholarship opportunities.

“The measure of success has to take into account every facet of how a student is performing, which includes mentally, physically and emotionally,” said Jasmine Conner, a Birmingham Promise success coach.

Birmingham Promise success coaches are a lesser-known component of the program, but the success coaches are highly instrumental to the overall achievement of students.

Success coaches serve as mentors, help students navigate their academic journey, and do whatever it takes to ensure students stay on track to succeed in college.

“At the end of the day, we want to make sure that whatever barrier may be present in a student’s life is eliminated so they can thrive as a person and achieve academically,” Conner said. “We realize that a student’s success is only as strong as the support system they have in place, which requires us to become experts relating to on-campus activities and community resources available to serve the total student.”

At any time during their journey, students can connect with success coaches to communicate regarding issues ranging from mental health issues to career opportunities. Success coaches are generally aware of most student services that exist to remove barriers that may be hurting a student’s academic progress.

“Without a healthy mind, we can’t expect students to function and persist through academic life,” Conner said. “We want scholars to understand that they are valuable beyond measure, worthy of all success that comes their way, and that the Birmingham Promise team is here for them.”

Birmingham Promise Success Coaches are willing and available to assist students in becoming the best version of themselves and are available to all Birmingham Promise students.

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